What makes a Kid-Friendly Neighbourhood?

If you’re moving somewhere new with young children. It is essential to find a kid-friendly neighbourhood that the entire family will love. But, finding a good neighbourhood for families can be difficult if you don’t know what features to look out for.

We’ve created a list of positive qualities that set kid-friendly neighbourhoods apart to help you make a confident and informed decision on where to live. If a community has all of these qualities and amenities, it’s certainly a safe choice for you and your family.

A Low Crime Rate

A community’s crime rate should be a significant deciding factor in where you move your family. Simply looking up the crime data of the community you’re considering will tell you a lot. In addition, you can drive through the neighbourhood at night to see if the streets are well lit or any families are out for a walk. If the roads aren’t well lit and there are no families around, that could signify that the area isn’t exceptionally safe.

Several other indicators indicate that a neighbourhood may not be a kid-friendly neighbourhood, is the types of local businesses nearby. For example, if the community has a high concentration of late-night bars and adult-only businesses, it may not be appropriate for your family.

Quality Schools for All Ages

Another thing you should look into when researching a neighbourhood is the local Collingwood schools. You’ll first need to ensure that primary and secondary schools are in the area. Otherwise, your children may have to take long bus rides every morning. Once you’ve confirmed that schools are within reasonable distance to the community, you can begin looking into their quality.

Not all schools are exactly alike. Some offer things like arts programs and language immersion, while others provide very few options. It will help if you look for a school that provides a supportive environment and many different programs and extracurriculars. This will allow your child to pursue various interests alongside their schooling. If you have young children in primary school, make sure to research the community’s secondary schools as well.

Close Proximity to Nature

It’s so essential for children to be in nature. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live out in a super rural area. Simply having some open green space to play sports, hike, or walk the dog will do kids a lot of good. This could take the form of a nearby provincial or national park, which typically has lots of walking trails suitable for families.

Nature provides lots of opportunities for physical exercise and to breathe in some fresh air. So whether they’re playing soccer outdoors with friends or hiking with the family, your kids are sure to benefit from living close to nature.

Kid-Friendly Neighbourhood Amenities

Parks aren’t the only kid-friendly amenities you should look out for! A kid-friendly neighbourhood should have many amenities and activities to keep kids busy on the weekends and throughout their summer vacation, including a public pool, community centre, playground, campgrounds, and other places where you can all enjoy a fun family day.

Need Help Deciding Where to Live in Collingwood Ontario?

If you’re still struggling to decide where to live, you can gain valuable insights from an expert REALTOR® in the area. Hiring a Collingwood real estate agent will know the best family-friendly neighbourhood in Collingwood that works for you.

They are also knowledgeable about the local real estate market, with industry experience, and negotiating skills necessary to get you the best possible deal on that dream home for your family.