Mastering Curb Appeal

If you want to sell your Collingwood house for top dollar, then curb appeal should be your number one job. First impressions matter and you want to ensure that you can get that first look from potential home-buyers. If you want to put your house on the Collingwood real estate market and sell fast, then you need to pay attention to your decor and make sure that your home always looks inviting. You will have a lot of competition, so you want to get ahead of the rest. Remember a great house will always have excellent curb appeal!

Top Tips for Curb Appeal

Here are some tips that will help you sell your home for more money and faster.

Clean all areas. Make sure that there are no toys or objects in the front yard. You do not want to turn off any home-buyers with a messy yard.

Replace grass areas if needed. A patchy, uneven lawn is a turnoff to potential home-buyers. Instead, get new sod in the front yard, and make sure that it is nicely trimmed.

Trim your trees and bushes. Make sure that they are not overgrown and your looks out of control. Home-buyers want to be able to see through the bushes when looking towards the house.

Plant some flowers. Get some blooming flowers in the garden beds! Make sure that the flower colours are light and neutral, not too dark or bright of colours. A nice mixture of colours will catch any buyer’s eyes while walking by your house.

Hire a lawn maintenance company. Nothing is worse than an overgrown lawn. Keep that lawn kempt and give it the illusion of more space since you are cutting off a good foot or two of grass.

Scrape old paint. This includes any rust spots created during the winter months. Make sure that all your shutters are nice and clean, not chipping in any way or form. If they need repair, hire someone to fix them before showing your home. New paint and all those little extras will make your house curb appeal sparkle like the stars!

Check all gutters for clogs. This includes checking to see if there is much debris collected at the end of each gutter. If this has happened, hire someone to clean them immediately! It can become a more significant issue to a new home-buyer if a clog in the gutter causes a leak when it rains.

Check your windows from the inside and outside. Make sure that all your windows throughout the house are cleaned. It will make for a brighter home during your open houses and showings.

Need some help mastering curb appeal?

Hiring a professional REALTOR® can help find a qualified, trustworthy contractor for these types of smaller repairs.