The New Condo Lifestyle

After spending the better part of two years in Collingwood, which seems to be the new haven for Condo Living, the emerging trend for decorating styles is all about comfort. In the past, comfort may have been synonymous with the couch you inherited in your college dorm that you didn’t want to give up or a mismatched dining room set, but comfort doesn’t always have to mean haphazard. Additionally, because comfort looks and feels different to every person, 2022 is also about personalizing. Your condo lifestyle should reflect you and your own personal lifestyle.

Décor Ideas

While “open space” seems to be losing its grip on décor ideas, the practicality of combining spaces like a kitchen and a living room or a bedroom and the balcony is seen more often in smaller footprints like a condo. So how does one limit “open space” then? Horizontal or vertical partitions are the most straightforward answer. These partitions can be fit to suit your needs and your style without taking up any spare room.

There is also a return to the natural with natural wood, and natural stone finishes are becoming more popular with interior decorators. For those wanting to make their condo feel as open as possible, glass is a strong contender for this purpose. It makes your area visually more expansive, but it also fills the room with light.

While the current furniture trend of birch, larch, beech, or ash sets may be a bit of a budget shock, the good news is that plastic furniture is also en vogue. A well-chosen piece or two (or more!) of plastic furniture not only doesn’t clutter rooms but creates a feeling of airiness.


People who can’t nail down one specific aesthetic can subscribe to a self-identify known as eclectic. It’s important not to say eclectic when your style is hectic in reality. While you can embrace your eclectic style, note the rule of three to avoid style confusion and shock.

Is your condo in the middle of a concrete jungle? Perhaps your style moves more toward eco, thus giving your interior what your exterior lacks. An eco style has an abundance of natural materials and greenery, pottery, and natural textiles.

Minimalism style is perhaps the easiest to imagine. By its very nature, the style is aimed at simplicity. But, don’t worry; the absence of bells and whistles doesn’t mean a lack of style. Common materials used in the minimalism style include chrome, ceramics, stone, glass, and plastic.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Keeping up with the technological Joneses means high-tech style. Much like minimalism, everything is simple. Furniture is transformable, lighting has multiple levels, and the fixtures have a futuristic aesthetic.

Does your condo have more natural open spaces, and you’re not interested in adding partitions? Consider the loft style. This style has decorators dividing the space into zones and giving the zones coloured accents. This style is a marriage of functional furniture, innovative technologies, and antique interior detailing.

The Scandinavian style has become popular here in Collingwood. Because the basis of the interior is white, and the bright details you add will pop. Play with lighting schemes, and add plants in beautiful, eye-catching pots. Much like the eco look, this style uses stone and wood and adds glass.

When thinking about adding features to your condo, think about the functionality. Because condos typically have a smaller floor plan than detached homes, finding an island for your kitchen that can also house many gadgets is ideal.

Fashion and styles are constantly evolving, but if comfort is your watchword, only you know what will make you come home to your condo at the end of the day and completely melt into your sofa, your recliner, your nest chair, or anything else that screams you.

Questions you should ask your REALTOR® before buying a Condo in Collingwood.

Buying a condo in Collingwood can be an excellent option for many. However, you must realize it is nothing like buying a new home. Make sure your current lifestyle reflects living the condo lifestyle. Speak with your REALTOR® first.