Cranberry Harbourside Condos A Collingwood Condominium Community

The community art Cranberry Harbourside is located just west of Collingwood Harbour and features residential units that look out over White’s Bay. These townhomes use modern construction and styling, with one-level stacked and two-storey options. An open street plan makes for efficient navigation through the neighbourhood, and quieter in-community roads are ideal for pedestrian travel.

Homes for sale in Cranberry Harbourside can range in size from two to four bedrooms and reverse floor plans make good use of the ample interior space in some of the units. The neighbourhood is designed to emulate a fishing village, and residents appreciate the close connection that can be established between neighbours, as well as the privacy that the landscaping affords.

Cranberry Harbourside shares amenities with Cranberry Village and this is part of the reason that community culture is so strong in these developments. There is an outdoor pool on-site and residents can join the Cranberry Atoka Club. Events held through the Recreation Centre drive community spirit and also offer services for out-of-school activities.

The development at Cranberry Harbourside is considered to be very family-friendly and is a safe and clean environment for all residents. Lakeside access is just a walk away, and provisions from Collingwood town centre are easy to access.

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