Mountaincroft Condos A Collingwood Condominium Community

This community can be found on the southwest side of the Collingwood urban limits. It is a private residential development that features single-family homes and private lots to welcome residents of all ages. This is an ideal neighbourhood for families, not just because of its safe and easy-to-navigate layout, but also because it is in close proximity to St. Mary’s Separate School and other downtown amenities. Children can find easy passage along the well-maintained sidewalks and traverse to classes on foot.

Homes in Mountaincroft do come in a variety of styles, from bungalows to two-storey dwellings, but they all feature good garden space and well-designed landscaping. The architecture favours modern styling, but with the extensive use of brick face and nestled sloping roof lines for a slight turn of the century feel. The overall effect is a bright and vibrant suburban community that is welcoming to families and children.

Mountaincroft also gives residents the choice of ample interior room with two to four bedrooms and basements for each home. The attached garages are also included to complete the convenience of this residential area. Mountiancroft is not only near to downtown, but also to preserve lands and the wide network of trails that allow for quality outdoor time with family and friends.

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